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Are you looking to expand your workforce? 

Do you currently have vacant positions? If you're an employer looking for great candidates, we can help!

In partnership with Jobs Victoria, Outlook is helping people to find jobs by connecting them with their ideal employers. We offer a FREE service to people of all ages - a guiding hand with a dedicated and experienced Jobs Victoria mentor.

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Jobs Victoria is helping Victorians get back to work and employers find the right staff for their business.


Outlook’s Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) has Employment Services Managers, Mentors and Employment Officers who will lead you step by step through the road map. 


If you: 

  • are a registered Victorian business

  • currently have vacant positions 

  • are looking to expand your workforce 

  • would like support finding, onboarding, and retaining new employees

you are eligible for the Outlook Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES).


Our Jobs Victoria Mentors, Employment Coaches and Employment Services Managers will lead you step by step through the road map. 


We will help you to:   

  • match candidates’ skills to your requirements, to deliver quality sustainable employment outcomes.

  • access information, advice, and support in person, online, and on the phone.

  • create sustainable opportunities in the workforce for all people. 


Once you find your ideal employee, we stay in touch for 26 weeks. We provide continuous support to you both and help to resolve any issues or concerns that may come up. In return we only require evidence from you and/or your employee that they are in continued employment. 

  • Getting to know you 
    Your needs, your challenges, your aspirations. Visualising the employee you need, finding the ideal candidate.

  • Getting started

    Leading you through the process, ensuring relevant criteria are met so you have everything in place to offer the job. 

  • Making you ‘employee ready’ 

    Coordinating and attending job interviews with presenting candidates. Getting you the staff you're looking for. 

  • Getting the support ‘you both need’

    We help them get the job, love the job, and keep the job - and we help you both navigate any challenges that may arise.

  • Partnerships for the future 

    Understanding what's required of you. Supporting you to onboard new employees into the future.

Next step? Contact us!

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