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Been looking for work for a while?

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  • Getting to know you
    We want to understand your needs, your challenges and aspirations. By visualising your future together, we can work out what your next steps will be to get you the job you want. 

  • Getting started

    There’s a lot to consider when applying for your ideal jobs. We lead you through the process, to get you the skills, career support and advice you need.  

  • Making you ‘job ready’ 

    Working from the inside out, we help you to build your confidence, learn about resilience, develop your communication and interview techniques, and upskill in your desired industry. 

  • Connecting you to your future career 

    Outlook has access to hidden job markets and the latest industry information. We can introduce you to potential employers, and even attend job interviews with you! 

  • We support you all the way 

    From the day we meet until well after you get the job, we’ll be there with you. We help you get the job, love the job and keep the job. 

Our Jobs Victoria Outlook Mentors are ready to help!

We offer a FREE service for people who have been looking for work for a while- If you're facing challenges that make it harder to find a job, a mentor can assist

Jobs Victoria is helping Victorians get back to work and employers find the right staff for their business. 


If you: 

  • have been unemployed for six months or more  

  • are at risk of long-term unemployment due to employment barriers  

  • are underemployed which means working less than 12 hours per week  

  • are not currently studying  

you are eligible for Outlook Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES). 


Many job seekers experience significant challenges around employability including insufficient education, qualifications or experience for the roles they aspire to; varying levels of visual, written or digital literacy; or uniquely difficult personal circumstances. Our Jobs Victoria Mentors are here to help you navigate these challenges, find solutions and support you. Our Mentors and Employment Coaches will lead you step by step through the road map.  


We will help you to:    

  • understand and expand on your work readiness 

  • negotiate future appointments and job applications  

  • access support resources, advice, and referrals  

  • create resumes and cover letters 

  • build resilience, and upskill in your desired industry  

  • access industry information, the hidden job and labour-hire market 

  • advocate for you to get the job you want 

  • meet with employers, attend job interviews 


Once you get the job, we stay in touch with you and your employer for 26 weeks. We provide continuous support to you both and help to resolve any issues or concerns that may come up. In return, we only require evidence from you and/or your employer that you are in continued employment.   



Next step? Contact us!

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