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Success Stories:


Being middle-aged with cerebral palsy and out of work, would challenge the best of us, but not Brad Hamilton. His mobility difficulties presented some restrictions and an extended period of unemployment had affected his self-esteem and motivation, but he refused to let his disability get in his way.    


Brad had a strong employment history, working in the USA as a trial lawyer for over 30 years in criminal law. While representing clients, he built and maintained a successful law practice, before relocating to Australia and working in government regulatory agencies. This work continued for many years, until contracts ended, and he found himself unemployed.

Brad was reluctant to sign up with a Disability Employment Service provider initially, with doubts about placement of someone like him in suitable work. However, after contacting Outlook Employment in early October 2019, he was connected with his case worker Mara who immediately reassured him they could help.

An opportunity quickly came Brad’s way, in the form of a job in Narre Warren. Mara felt the position within the City of Casey would be an ideal role for him, with his strong background and his experience interacting with local councils. Outlook’s team worked together with Brad to get his application in and his interview secured.



Brad was the successful applicant, but had concerns about logistical issues affecting his ability to do the job properly. Outlook helped him problem solve and things like access to the building, appropriate work station set up and transport arrangements were resolved. Brad could then focus on his new role, and connect with his new colleagues to ensure he was well supported.

A few months later and Brad has exceeded expectations. He’s settled in to the team well, and is still receiving post placement support from Outlook. “In helping me secure a permanent position with the City of Casey, Outlook has accomplished something that I surely could not have done by myself,” explains Brad. “The staff has been fantastic and incredibly consistent in providing support as I transition into this new position. I feel privileged to have Outlook in my corner”.

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