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Success Stories:


Luke Hare started with Outlook Employment in March 2019, after many frustrating months of unsuccessful applications for work and training programs. Outlook were able to immediately respond to his needs, through their structured support programs.


Despite his challenges - Luke has auditory processing difficulties, was diagnosed with Tourette’s Disorder at the age of 8 years, and was bullied at school resulting in PTSD symptoms, which led to depression and anxiety – Luke remained optimistic about his study and employment goals.


After attending an information session at Outlook’s Pakenham office, delivered by the Civil Contractors Federation, Luke expressed his interest in applying for their Civil Skills Cadetship Program. It was this that led to the job he is still happily employed in today. “The civil course gave us mentors - mine being Peter Higgins from State Plant Hire - who were there to teach and guide us”, explains Luke. On successful completion of the program, Luke, with the help of his mentor Peter, was introduced to M Tucker and Sons, a civil Based Company in Mt Evelyn. After interviewing with the company Director, Luke was offered a two-week trial which turned out to be full time employment. “Finally, I got a chance for a job I had interest in”.

Getting the job was life changing for Luke, whose only priority had been to contribute financially to his family and get out of his depression, which previously had sabotaged most of his efforts. He’s now out of the house bright and early in the morning, returning home late in the evening after full and productive days, where he not only earns an income, but obtains new skills, such as learning to drive. 


“I spent almost two years withering away in my room with suicidal thoughts and a deep depression. For me, it meant exposure into the world again. It gave me a chance to work on my fears and potentially grow into a more mature adult; which hadn’t been a smooth ride. It gave me the push I needed to start my journey into independence and into living again.”

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