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Success Stories:


Xiao’s journey with Outlook began a few years ago, and initially, she was placed in the STEPS to Employment program, then transitioned into Outlook’s Disability Employment Services (DES). “I was in contact with Outlook almost every day,” explains Xiao. “I was always told ‘we will find you the right employment, not the fastest employment’.”

Outlook had been connecting clients with disability or disadvantage, with McDonald’s’ Golden Opportunities (GO) program, which enabled appropriate trainees to learn on the job, with support through a coach and mentor. Xiao met regularly with Outlook and had been through mock interviews, training skills and presentation ideas, so when a job with McDonald’s was advertised, she was ready.

“Outlook took me to the interview and stayed close while I applied all of my learning. The effort and waiting were worth it when I was called and told I was a successful applicant.”


Xiao was assigned a mentor through Outlook, who worked alongside her for the first stages of her training and employment. “Having someone familiar and trusted made me feel so much more comfortable during a very nerve-wracking time.”

Xiao now works 5 days a week at McDonald’s from 8am to 4pm in Customer Experience. Xiao has created so many positive relationships with customers and her fellow crew and is proud to have become the first ever permanent part time Outlook participant that has come out of the Golden Opportunities program in her area.     

“I support my fellow crew behind the counter when times are busy, however, I feel most confident working on the kiosks and in the dining area. I enjoy coming to work, meeting new people, having my own independence and contributing to society. It’s all still very new to me but I’m so happy with where I am in my life.“

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