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Our commitment is to people having choice and enabling people with disabilities to have the same citizenship rights and opportunities as other members of our community.

All profits derived from our social enterprise operations are reinvested back in to the organisation, to support Outlook’s purpose of growing, promoting and advocating an inclusive community


Outlook’s divisions include:

  • Outlook Environmental (recycling operations, supported employment opportunities, recycled goods shops)

  • Outlook Community Services (provides a range of disability services)

  • Outlook Employment (specialist agency for people with disability)

  • Outlook Community Centre

As a social enterprise, much of our work is funded by the success of our commercial division, Outlook Environmental.This allows us to further invest in the people we support. Outlook Employment helps people find and maintain jobs.

Outlook advocates for positive social justice outcomes and aims to make our community more inclusive and tolerant. We want to  give everyone the chance to get Involved in supporting our work with a wide-ranging volunteer programme.

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Outlook’s purpose

Creating and facilitating sustainable opportunities for people with a disability to live, work and play within our communities.

Outlook’s vision

An inclusive society for all.

Outlook’s guiding principles

We promote social inclusion by bringing dignity, empowerment and choice to our community. Outlook’s purpose, vision and values ensure the organisation retains its focus across diverse commercial, social and environmental interests.

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About Outlook: where purpose and impact meet

Outlook is profiled in the book "Australian Stories of Social Enterprise" by Cheryl Kernot and Joanne McNeill, University of New South Wales, 2011.

Outlook's Quality Systems = 100% Compliant

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