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my life...


Since the NDIS was introduced, I have been able to access so many great services and activities and made great new friends through the community centre. 


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my career...


Having people around me to support my choices and help me decide what my career goals might be has empowered me to be more engaged in my future. 


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my impact...


Being a part of a more diverse work place has inspired us to think more creatively and fostered a more inclusive approach in everything we do. 


Outlook is a social enterprise. Our revenue is reinvested to enable us to create sustainable opportunities in the workforce for all people, including those with disabilities. We do this by facilitating more inclusive and diverse approaches to enterprise and community service provision. We believe that economic participation is fundamental for citizens to experience equality, genuine empowerment and self-actualisation.

One tonne of waste = one hour of employment and opportunity

"Caring for plants has given me purpose "


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