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Commercial services


Outlook has partnerships with business; local, state and federal governments; and with other social enterprises as well. 

Within these public-private partnerships and commercial investments, governments are increasingly prioritising social impact in their activities. They want return on their financial investments, but they also want delivery of a range of outcomes that support their broader social policy objectives.

In Victoria this approach is reflected in the social procurement policies set by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB).  These policies, set out by the VGPB, highlight the important need for government funded activities and purchased products to deliver on social outcomes, regardless of the focus of the funded activity or product.

With respect to major infrastructure investments, contracts with the Victorian Government and infrastructure providers, set targets to achieve a range of social outcomes.

Partnering with Outlook offers a commercially viable solution, with a socially focused approach. Our partnerships support positive social, environmental and financial outcomes, and help organisations to achieve these targets.

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