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Services for job seekers


Outlook Employment works with you to find the job that suits your skills and interests.


Employment options & services

Outlook Employment is a cost free job placement and support service for people with a disability or illness who want to work in the open (mainstream) workforce. As a specialist agency, Outlook Employment will ask what your aspirations and needs are. We then work with you to provide one-on-one support to realise your employment goals. We support you to:

  • Identify jobs that suit your skills

  • Coach you in job search and interview techniques

  • Prepare resumes, cover letters and job applications

  • Develop a plan of action to achieve your goals

  • Organise training, work experience and paid work placements to suit your skills


We will also:

  • Maintain ongoing contact with your employer, to ensure you are supported once you obtain work. This may include on the job training.

  • Assist you to overcome barriers that prevent you from being work ready. This may include personal development or referrals to various health and wellbeing providers.

We will support you until you are ready to become an independent worker.


Other employment options with Outlook

Outlook also offers a range of additional programs to support job seekers in different situations and with varying needs.

Find out more about our:

We also encourage you to apply for jobs vacancies at Outlook when they are advertised.

Integrity and quality assurance

Integrity is one of Outlook's core values. We value integrity in our staff and the way we treat others. As part of Outlook Employment's commitment to integrity, our programmes are accredited under ISO 9001 and the Commonwealth Disability Employment Quality Assurance. All our staff must also adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines.



Outlook Employment services the south-eastern region of Melbourne. The Commonwealth Department of Social Services funds Outlook Employment and to be eligible for the Employment Assistance Program, participants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a disability, injury or illness

  • Be aged between 15 and 65 years old

  • Live in the South East Region of Melbourne

  • Be unemployed or at risk of losing current employment due to disability

  • Have a work capacity of at least eight hours per week

  • Meet Centrelink entrance guidelines

For further information call our office on (03) 9705 6445 and speak to reception.

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