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Outlook foundation

The Outlook Foundation exists to respond in a timely manner to a need in the community. It  provides support in a way that promotes social inclusion, allows people to act with dignity and be empowered.


In the past, the Outlook Foundation has supported various needs within the community - from providing funding to support training/conference attendance, to travel costs for international sporting representation, and building modifications, to improve health outcomes and quality of life. The Outlook Foundation prides itself on being responsive and being able to act in a timely manner, minimising delays and paperwork wherever possible to focus on getting a solution in place.


Become a Friend of Outlook

Join the movement to create a more inclusive community - participate in our Buy a Brick Fundraising Program. A donation of $250 can be directed towards a range of Outlook programmes and will buy a plaque with your name on it, that will be displayed on the wall of our Community Centre.

People Walking

Make a donation that will make a difference

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You can also donate to Outlook in any of the following ways:


Payable to Outlook Foundation

Direct debit:

Establish a direct debit facility or make an ongoing payroll donation


Please consider including Outlook as a beneficiary in your will


For more information please contact us on (03) 5941 1535 or by email.

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