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Our beginnings


Since our early days as a charity in the 1970's, our mission has remained the same - to teach, lead and empower those in the community whose needs are many, but whose potential is great.  

Outlook was originally known as Minibah, which means home of the teacher. Minibah was established in 1975 in response to local families who had lobbied for services.

Five acres of land in Pakenham were acquired to establish a school for the intellectually disabled.


Minibah was established as a Registered Charity and funded by the Department of Education and then Department of Human Services.

The school closed in 1990, and began to refashion itself as the social enterprise we know today. In 2000 Minibah achieved Quality Assurance under ISO 9001. In 2005 Minbah changed its name to Outlook.

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