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Xiao’s journey with Outlook began a few years ago, when she was placed in the STEPS to Employment program, then transitioned into Outlook’s Disability Employment Services (DES). These strategies were aimed at increasing her eligibility for traineeships and other work opportunities, that were suitable and appropriate to her needs. 


Luke Hare started with Outlook Employment in March 2019, after many frustrating months of unsuccessful applications for work and training programs. Despite his health challenges, Luke remained optimistic about his study and employment goals, but needed the support and greater connection to opportunities that Outlook Employment could offer him.


Success Stories

Outlook Employment works with you to find the job that suits your skills and interests.


Tiffany Dawson had great difficulty finding secure employment after leaving school. Ongoing psychological challenges hindered her success, so after two years of being unemployed, Tiffany approached Outlook Employment. Managing the mental, emotional, and logistical barriers to finding employment would be the key to Tiffany’s successful job placement through Outlook.


Brad had a strong employment history, but being middle-aged with cerebral palsy and out of work, was difficult. A lengthy unemployment period had affected his self-esteem and motivation which in turn created barriers to him successfully finding suitable work. The role of Outlook’s employment support services became essential.

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