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Women in Leadership

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Outlook is very proud to call itself an equal opportunity employer and recent staff movements at our Hampton Park Transfer Station highlight our commitment to providing opportunities to all. For the first time, the three levels of management at the Hampton Park site are all women.

Site manager Karen Hunt, site supervisor Tina Peck and weekend site supervisor Shannen Egbers are doing an amazing job of managing Hampton Park and we asked them about how they felt about being Outlook managers.

Karen commented that I’ve worked for Outlook for 8 years and I was proud to be asked and thought of by my supervisor as senior management.

I had previously worked in management and was looking at the time for a job that was not so challenging but found I couldn’t help myself. I was initiating change, leading new ideas and handed additional responsibility. I learnt management was a part of me and the values of Outlook really resonated. I have been the site contract supervisor for four months now and the team is doing really well. I have people I can always go to in the organisation which is fantastic and with the support from them and the two site supervisors we are really moving forward. I have lots of new ideas to implement, ideas coming to me also from the team.

Karen says that you go in positive to leadership, be solutions focused and believe in yourself.

Tina tells us that she has now been with Outlook for nine years. As a single mum I was looking for work and coincidently I knew someone at Outlook who kindly introduced me. The support from Outlook management gave me the desire to try a supervisory role.

Being continually challenged and fulfilled, the love of family and the sense of achievement keeps me here at Outlook. We pull together as a team really should, where all ideas are welcomed.

I bring retail experience and knowledge, and life experience to my work. My values match that of the organisation, we’re a good fit.

My future vision is to improve profitability on the site, consider new opportunities and work to continually improve.

Tina highlights that it’s important to ensure all new staff understand the ‘Outlook model’.

Last but not least Shannen tells us that she likes the challenge of being a supervisor with the opportunity to learn new things and stretch herself.

I was anxious and flattered to be invited to the supervisors position, and that I had accomplished it as one of my life goals. I always wanted to be a career woman so to accomplish that step was exciting.

I have been at Hampton Park for seven and a half years now which has taught me personal and professional skills – work experiences that have also helped guide me in my personal life.

I want to set myself up for a sustainable and satisfying future, there are a lot of opportunities at Outlook for the future.



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