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Election of Fran Boyd to President of Outlook (Vic) Inc. Board of Management

Outlook is pleased to announce today the election of Fran Boyd as the new President of Outlook (Vic) Inc.’s Board of Management. Fran has been a Board Member of Outlook for the past 2 years and has served as Chair of the People & Governance Board Sub-Committee over that time. Fran brings a wealth of experience as a senior human resources executive with over 20 years’ in leading and managing the human resources function in a range of public, not for profit and private sector organisations.

Outlook also wishes to recognise and thank Edwin Hume, who has served as Outlook’s President since 2009. Edwin has significant involvement in the local community, including as the first Mayor of the Shire of Cardinia and is a partner of legal firm Duffy & Simon. Edwin joined the Committee of Management in 1998, was Vice president from 1999 and President from 2009. Edwin is a Life Governor of Outlook and remains a Director on Outlook’s Board of Management.

Our congratulations and thanks to both Fran and Edwin.

For more information on Outlook please go to:

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