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The Purple Pack - The New Indispensable Community Resource

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Fiona Cost, MIchael Wright, Anne McCormick and Brett Owen

We are so proud of Michael Wright, Outlook employee and Anne McCormick, Outlook Deputy CEO.

They are the masterminds behind a new indispensable community resource called the 'Purple Pack' to be launched on the 10th October at the Together We Can Leadership Summit.

Anne and Michael, together with Brett Owen and Fiona Cost form the committee that led the creation of this resource. Driven by the horrendous fact where 9 out of 10 people living with a disability experience abuse, they set out to create a simple resource specifically designed for people who have found it difficult to speak up. This includes people with a disability and people with English as a second language.

The main objective is to help people identify what family violence looks like, know how to seek help, know they will be believed and how to prevent it.

Read the full article by our local paper The Gazette here.

This article formed part of a full feature on the campaign Together We Can in the same paper. Click here to read it fully.

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