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Today is White Ribbon Day

On the year of our 50th Anniversary Outlook is proud to announce it has successfully completed the White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program under the new program management team of Communicare, a community services organisation.

The program facilitates a whole of organisation commitment to address issues of gendered violence and sexual harassment against women.

“Outlook has a particular focus on people with disability to emphasise and address the much higher percentage of people with disability who have experienced physical and family violence in the population,” Anne McCormick, Outlook Deputy CEO said.

Outlook was one of the first 80 organisations in Australia to achieve accreditation, in 2016, and we sought reaccreditation because we wanted to continue to equip our staff with the knowledge and resources to better understand what gendered violence is, how to identify it and what they can do to prevent it.

Whether in the workplace, or broader community, we all have a responsibility to stand up and speak out against behaviours that contribute to gendered violence, support women affected by it, and hold perpetrators accountable.

At Outlook we strive for an inclusive and safe working environment for staff at all levels of our organisation. The White Ribbon Australia accreditation process has strengthened that internal culture.

White Ribbon Australia is a part of a global social movement working to eliminate gendered violence, striving for an Australian society where all women and children are safe, including in our workplaces.

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