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The Purple Pack

The Purple Pack is a new indispensable community resource aimed at helping people identify what family violence looks like, how to seek help, know they will be believed and how to prevent it.


The community resources aims to inform and empower vulnerable members of our community to identify, speak up and report family violence.

The  resources developed are designed in simple language and images, to assist people with disabilities and  non-English speaking migrants.

michael and anne.JPG
Actions Communication Boards.PNG

Actions Communications Boards

Easy read communication book.PNG

Easy Read Communication Booklet

Forms of violence poster.PNG

Forms of Violence Poster

Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse Poster.P

Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse Poster

Record sheet.PNG



Training materials.PNG



Drivers of family violence.PNG

Drivers of Family


Guide to using resources.PNG

Guide to Using


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