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Exciting Future Ahead

Outlook is entering an exciting new phase in the evolution of the organisation.

We have recently finalised our Strategic Plan for the next 3 years and there is a deep focus on purpose-driven growth to achieve our 4 strategic objectives.

Fran Boyd | Chair, Board of Management

Our objectives include:

Growth for purpose – we will harness our strengths to expand our business across all of our divisions, including becoming a national organisation. This has commenced with our recent achievement of the contract to manage several recycling sites for the Livingstone Shire, Qld, commencing August 1.

Support and empower our people – people are the heart of any organisation and engaged staff who feel empowered, trusted and valued is key to supporting our growth

Extend our reach and impact – we want to ensure that the services and opportunities we provide to our customers continue to be of high quality and meet their needs so we will engage more with our communities and customers as we expand to ensure we achieve this.

Strengthen our leadership and influence – Outlook has always looked for ways to do things differently to respond to customer need, foster change and maximise our social outcomes across our organisation. We want to strengthen this and be an agent for change in the sectors in which we operate.

  • You may have noticed a change in our name on some of the social media platforms.

  • To support our growth and expansion we have changed our name, from Outlook (Vic) to Outlook (Aust) and from an incorporated body to a company. Our company structure supports our expansion out of Victoria.

  • All the things that make Outlook who it is haven’t changed; we are still a Not for Profit, our customers are front of mind and our vision, purpose and values stay the same, providing the foundation for any actions we take over the next 3 years and beyond.

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